I know, I know, I was briefly silent. Blame my internet – I have to rely on an infrequent and temperamental Dongle that only works when it feels like. I’m now back at the flat in Basingstoke – my den. Yes, I love my parent’s house, and my slightly mental cat, and the free food (I’m pretty sure these jeans weren’t that tight before I stayed there…), but nothing quite equals having My Own Place. Okay, so my bed’s broken (in the most boring way possible, I’m afraid – I lay on it) and I’m currently sleep on a mattress, and I’m too scared to turn on the heating until I get a Proper Job again. Oh, and the fridge is half-empty (hello size 10 by the end of September). But it’s Mine.

So what have I been doing with this valuable offline-time? Apart from reading (yes, I’m still ploughing my way through A Game of Thrones, but you’ll be pleased to hear I’m over halfway now), and apart from my “fascinating” temp job to add a few pennies to my pitiful bank account; well – I’ve been applying for jobs… HA!

Really, I’ve been fighting with myself over my characters. Who loves Aistren and our mysterious Cadellan?

Well, yes I do. But remember what I was doing in my last post? I’ve been writing fantasy on-and-off since the innocent age of 14 (I was awful back then, but managed to find one or two acceptable bits) and after all my chopping and sticking and rearranging, the one thing I’m not short of are characters… and I really want some of them to appear now. Like Rayne, my redhead, or Sanoh, my scarred and elegant duchess… or how about Jarett, my arrogant shit of a good-looking man, who you hate so much you kind of want to rip his clothes off?

Am I the only person who has favourites? The same characters you go back to again and again and desperately try to shoe-horn into every story you ever write because you just know how awesome they are and you know exactly what they would say in that situation. They come to your rescue every time you’ve written yourself into a corner with some pithy comment or amazing feat of bravery/cowardice/sexiness. You know the ones. The ones you think you’d want to be.

So, now what do I do? Do I push my favourites to the top of the class, and swiftly and subtly erase our kitchen-woman and slave-that-isn’t-a-slave? Do I try to blend the two and have an epic host of characters to rival War and Peace? Or do I just start again (which, by the way, I hate doing because it takes about 15 attempts of “starting again” until you end up in exactly the same place you were before).

So, here’s my question to you; do you want to hear more about Aistren and the Cadellan? Or are you bored with them already?


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