Okay, so my biggest problem? Discipline. After a day at work, or a day with friends, or even when I’m just about getting up, I really lack in motivation to sit there and write, I’m much more… touchy-feely about it. I write when I feel “inspired” to do it, or when I’m in the mood. To get a career in writing, or even to complete a novel, I know I have to be more organised and much stricter with myself. I’m sure that if I can manage it with my diet, and manage it with pretty much everything else I’m pretty sure I can discipline myself to write… right?

Of course I can. So I get up, I go to work, I get home and I get writing… oh, well, I might have dinner first. And Hollyoaks is on, so I should relax and watch that because I can’t write until I’m calm and collected. Ooh, and that new docu-drama on ITV is on at 9pm, so I’d better watch that, and my housemate has arrived home with some gossip and my neighbour has appeared with more gossip and now it’s 9 o’clock and I’d better watch that TV programme, and oh-my-word it goes on for two hours, and I have work tomorrow and… oh… I didn’t do any writing.

Some writers say that they get their best work done in the middle of the night. But have you seen my bed? It’s so cosy! So perhaps I should get up early. In fact, this very morning I was up at 6.45am. Mostly because Fee was staying and she had to get up to go to Bristol, but that’s beside the point. So what have I done this morning?

1. Had breakfast

2. Watched the rugby

3. Watched the rugby analysis

4. Trawled Facebook

5. Updated my Twitter

6. Checked my emails.

So what am I about to do now? Watch New Zealand vs. France.

I think that’s pretty disciplined, don’t you?


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  1. Points 2 and 3 are both valid activities, and productive – well, for me at least.

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