A Game of Thrones

Wow. I mean… wow.

Yes, you’ll be pleased to hear that I have at last finished A Game of Thrones… and wow. SO, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read the next paragraph!

So the TV series finishes with Daenerys in labour and Eddard about to have his head lopped off in front of his daughters. That was a pretty annoying ending because you don’t know if a) the baby is born, b) Eddard actually really does have his head lopped off, c) if Khal Drogo survives and d) if you’re going to see Jon Snow with his top off again. Thankfully, the book doesn’t leave you on these cliffhangers (although Jon Snow is less fanciable in the book, being around 14). So, yes, Eddard has his head lopped off – and, might I add, this is very upsetting as I now don’t know who will find out the truth about Joffrey next – and Daenerys has her monster baby, but it’s dead, and Khal Drogo survives but is a vegetable. This seems a very sad ending for each of the characters that I invested several days and 780 pages into. But! It doesn’t end there… Jon Snow abandons his post at the wall, shock-horror, but is taken back by his friends, but THE BEST BIT EVER is that Daenerys, after smothering her husband in an half-mad act of cruel-to-be-kind (again, in the TV series, Drogo is fanciable, which is why I was so upset to see him die now), puts the dragon eggs into the fire (as well as herself) and THREE DRAGONS ARE BORN. Oh yes. This instantly makes this the most awesome book series ever. Do you know why? Because I literally have no idea what’s going to happen next. Joffrey is on the throne, and his grandfather hates him, Eddard is dead and Sansa is hostage. Jon Snow is about to go North of the Wall to find his suspected-dead uncle. Robb has been named King of the North, Renly Baratheon has announced himself king to contend against Joffrey, and now there are dragons. I have no idea who we should be supporting or hating, who’s going to win and what the hell is going to happen next.

I’m heading straight to Waterstones for the next one.

Wait, no. I promised I’d read First Rider’s Call next. Damn.


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