My Achilles Heel

It’s obvious what my weakness is. It’s the weakness of most aspiring writers/avid readers/published authors. It’s a den in which you can immerse yourself.


Don’t get me wrong – there a local bookshops in some places that have more character and style than Waterstones. However, there are no charming corner shops which offer you tea and biscuits whilst you browse in Basingstoke.

So I choose Waterstones. Two floors of books and stories and everything in between. I often make the mistake of going in there to “browse” and coming out several pounds lighter. My Waterstones card is actually wearing through.

I made that mistake today.

So… without further ado… I introduce a new page to my blog: My Reading List!

In some vague attempt to track what I’m reading and what I will read, I have added this in the hope that my choices will help others out there to choose, and also to advise me on where to go next.


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One response to “My Achilles Heel

  1. as an aspireing writer i suggest you carve out a specific place where you write every day, and then…. (wait for it) write.

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