New Idea… New Direction?

Do you ever get umpteen pages into your writing and find that ACTUALLY you’ve got a BETTER IDEA and now you have to decide between starting all over again or seeing if you can blend the two?

I get this All. The. Time. It seems like my mind can’t focus on one thing and has to jump between several ideas all at once. And all of them seem so good!

I got it this morning. Never mind that I’m several thousand words into my story already, and I have my characters just where I want them to be, I now want to set it on a SHIP.

I mean, really. Sometimes my imagination annoys the hell out of me. How do I go from the middle of a disreputable-and-beautiful city with mystery-and-mayhem, to a freaking BOAT!?

I’ve yet to write in a couple of characters… can they come in on a ship???

The only way I’ve figured out how to get around my problem of my million-idea-imagination is to decide on writing a whole series of books. Which often means I’ll have “book two” before I’ve finished “book one”. My only consolation is that my newly recreated world is able to handle my diva-like changes of mind and can accommodate most of my outlandish plotlines without too much trouble.

My only solution this morning (it was 5am that I came up with this brilliant idea) was to write it down on the back of a receipt I had on my bedside table with eyeliner. I never did get into the habit of leaving pen and paper by my bed – though my handbag is an Aladdin’s Cave of writing ideas and pens and notebooks.

So, it’s sitting there now, nagging my attention while I am TRYING TO WORK, telling me that I want to write about a ship. A ship and a city. And a Fellowship of characters, who are already threatening to misbehave… (I’ve bribed them by promising that they’ll stay alive for this novel, which is more than I gave them in the last few stories they featured in).

I wish I could make my mind up though.

Hey, what about setting it on the top of a mountain!?


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One response to “New Idea… New Direction?

  1. If you are talking about a short story, by all means add the ship, the wind, salt air. Besides, being confined on a vessel, conflict is all the easier to maintain. Now the characters cannot run away and have to deal with each other and their own fears (of water, lack of balance, drowning, not seeing land, etc)
    If you are referring to a novel, then just make a note and move them offshore later in the story.

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