Everyone Loves a Mary-Sue

So I’m halfway through First Rider’s Call. As predicted, it’s rip-roaring, if a little predictable. Karigan – our resident superhuman superhero Mary-Sue – has even managed to get herself promoted, have a high-up love interest and squeezed in a bit of time-travelling. Magic is on the blink, and the breach in the wall is to blame… And the evil THING has taken a particular interest in Karigan.

The predictable bit is the attempt at mystery surrounding the evil THING, but you’ve actually worked out what it was by about page 100.

Do you know what? I truly love these books. But then I also truly love the Shopaholic series, so you be the judge. We already know everything will be okay because there’s several books to go yet, but you still don’t know how safe your peripheral characters are and just who Karigan will kiss first. Rest assured, she won’t be distracted by silly romantic notions while she saves the world.

There is such a stigma about characters like Karigan. It makes them “unrealistic”, and no one can connect with them. Do you know what I find worse? The “irreparably flawed” characters. Like a certain jut-jawed character in a certain vampire series. Yes, you might identify with them, but it’s just depressing.

I’d rather read about some super-heroic character on whose shoulders rests the fate of the universe. That’s far more fun. And hey, Karigan gets her ass kicked a fair few times whilst she’s saving everyone, so fair’s fair – I’ll let her be beautiful, talented and clever and GOOD AT EVERYTHING, because at the end of the day, look at Superman. Now if that’s not a Mary-Sue I don’t know what is.

And I dare you to tell me you don’t love Superman.

So if Superman can be PERFECT IN EVERY WAY, why can’t a few other people? I vote that the  Mary-Sue’s stop having such a rough time of it, and come back from literary wilderness and be embraced.


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