Inspirational Imagery

So I had a vague idea what my Vaxens looked like – try tall and elegant and dark-haired. And then I watched Apocalypto, directed by Mel Gibson. Tall, elegant, dark-haired… and my perfect Vaxen. Yes, my friends, my Vaxens are fantastical versions of the Mayan, the Amazonians, the great tribes of South and Central America.

What could be more perfect? A highly advanced culture, with religion and literature and complex societies, but with bloodthirsty undertones. My Vaxens are beautiful and ideal, and the powers of the world, but they are also cruel and unforgiving and violent. Look at this picture of Jaguar Paw (left) – the hero of the film – and tell me you don’t see a great civilisation. Just add a few more clothes (not that I have anything against semi-nakedness, it just doesn’t fit with my story). Now take a look at Rudy Youngblood (right), who plays said hero, and tell me you can’t see him with a sword, atop a horse, all wrathful?

Mmm… If they ever make a film about my book (ha, one can dream), someone make sure Rudy Youngblood is my Ajax. Because he is bee-ee-ay-yoo-tiful.

So I have my Vaxens. This makes me infinitely happier to write about them now. I mean, I had images of them before, but none of it fitted with what I was writing them into now. Somehow, knowing what they look like makes them easier to write about. Aistren is that much more real, and Ajax that much stronger as a character.

Oh, and the ship? That’s all sorted now… But now I have an idea to add Big Cats into the mix. Y’know, like little animal sidekicks? Am I completely bonkers? Should I just put a handcuff on my imagination and stick to the easy stuff, or is that not what writing is about? I’ve always believed that writing is limitless – an unshackled expression of art and emotion and everything in between. But then this aspect also drives me NUTS. Because I spend my whole life writing to catch up with myself.

Is this normal?

Oh, and thanks to Mel Gibson to introducing me to my Vaxens.


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