Being a Writer…?

I had an interview today that proved very interesting. In one question, he asked about my creativity vs. writing for business. It made me wonder – is writing split into two groups? The “creative” stuff and the “business” stuff?

I would say that a writer is a writer, whether it be factual, fictional, professional, blog or personal. You are still putting words on the page, and you are still accessing that creative part of the brain. An artist is still an artist whether painting, drawing, moulding or building, right? So why is it that creativity should be so far removed from “professional”? We have professional writers – what they write is for their business.

Do non-writers read this blog because it’s got books in it? Probably (hopefully). Does this mean I’m not a writer because my audience isn’t reading it with a “creative” thought in mind?

You’re on a speed-dating night. You approach a new table and have one minute to describe yourself… what is your opening line?

For me, it’s probably going to be something along the lines of: “I’m Fran, I’m a writer.”

And my most likely response: “Oh, yeah, and what do you write?”

If I was to say marketing documents for a corporate company, would you still think I was a writer?


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3 responses to “Being a Writer…?

  1. Great question. I would still think of you as a writer. But if you said you wrote novels I would think of you as a “different” kind of writer. If that makes any sense :-p

    • Would there be a difference if I said “author”? What’s the implication of that? Am I just being really naive and there is actually a huge gulf between “creativity” and “business” writing.

  2. But the world thinks of a writer as this pipe smoking drunk who pounds away at a keyboard, thinking of exotic locations and then collecting fat royalty checks,
    The real world is populated with so many writers who make money it is amazing. There are copywriters, blogger, corporate writers, ghost writers, ghost bloggers, social media marketers, text book writers, corporate writers, even term paper ghost writers.

    The world wants everything to be glamorous, even the occupation of “writer”. But WE know what writers really do… they write.

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