Food for Thought

I always eat when I’m writing. It’s an unconscious, mechanical thing, that I must have some sort of food next to me, to spur me on. Yes, it means that I have to cram myself into my favourite pair of jeans after a particularly long writing session and I often have bizarre dreams after writing late into the night, but it is also a sort of comfort.

I generally have a glass of juice or milk or Coke next to me as well, but that’s peripheral to the story. Basically, what I eat is dependant on where I sit to write. Last night, in front of the TV in the family room at my parent’s house, I crammed myself full of macaroni cheese* and a glass of milk (cue mental dreams from too much cheese).

The night before, when I was sat on my bed at my flat it was a jar of Nutella with nothing but a spoon and apple juice.

Now, I will say, if you haven’t tried Nutella – on toast or on its own – you’re an idiot. It’s literally the stuff in the middle of Ferrero Rocher. So, grab a family sized tub, a spoon, and just dig in. It’s my snack of choice. And if you feel like it, you can even go so far as to make Nutella Shortbread (post courtesy of Everyday in Stilettos)… although as a gluten-free person who dreads any recipe that mentions “flour” in the ingredients, there are also Nutella, oatmeal and chocolate cookies (courtesy of Nutella Love Affair).

If I’m at my desk – a cheap DIY thing that I’ve rammed between my wardrobe and set of drawers because it was the only space I had and it was next to a plug – it’s a veritable picnic. Grapes, biscuits*, slices of banana cake*, bags of nuts… anything I can pick at as I write the next “bestseller”.

A little over a year ago, in my hastily aborted self-indulgent blog, I extolled the virtues of ice cream… specifically Phish Food by Ben & Jerry’s. Now, it’s not often I delve into Ben & Jerry’s – purely because my waistband hates me enough with my penchant for banana cake* – but whilst I’m house sitting (i.e. cat sitting) whilst parents are in Barcelona (jealous? Me?), I feel the need to rediscover my love. There is currently a tub-and-a-half in the freezer as Mummaloo has a love of this particular ice cream too. They are calling to me…

Now, I’m writing so much at the moment – two blogs, a journal, a fantasy novel, and marketing material for my job – it’s almost getting to the point that I can’t eat without writing or write without eating. This could mean one of two things; I get stick thin during a period of desperate writer’s block, or by the time my novel gets finished I’ll be the size of a blimp.

Do you find certain foods go with certain things? …And how do you say no to Phish Food…?




*I’m well aware that things such as biscuits, macaroni cheese and banana cake have gluten in them… for those NOT in the know, head to the “free from” aisles in supermarkets and, shock-horror, you can find pretty much anything any normal person can eat but GLUTEN-FREE. Ta da.


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  1. Nutella is THE BEST thing. EVER.
    I like it with apples. I like it on banana bread. I like it in my oatmeal. It’s just great. Makes REALLY good nutella cheesecake brownies. Recipe on my blog. Hahaha.

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