Bumps in the Road

From my hours and hours of unkempt and frantic writing the other day, I’ve now hit a slump. It’s like I’ve used up all my energy and ideas in one big go and I’m still in recovery. There is a long-standing argument about writer’s block – whether it really exists or not – and I am of the belief that it doesn’t. I believe that every writer hits a point where writing becomes difficult and it feels like a block, but in fact it’s just recovering itself. I’ve exhausted my writing muscles and it’s knackered me out. When I went through my running phase (I maintain that exercise is bad for you and didn’t keep it up), I was always told to keep my muscles working, even when tired, but also to know when to rest them. So this post is a short mutter about tiredness and writing problems and then I’m off for hot chocolate, bed and a good book to rest my writing muscles until tomorrow when I can face mental exercise again.

I promised myself a post a day (revving up for NaNoWriMo – I hope I don’t suffer writing tiredness next month!) and I am determined to stick to it, h0wever rubbish they may be. So I apologise for the nonsense of this post, and I promise that if you stick with me, it does get better and I’ll be back to my enjoyable, rambling bloggy self in no time.

Okay, so last bit of the blog now…

Hot chocolate:

Horlicks or Aero?


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  1. For me, the block often comes when the path is not clear when the plot plan has not been completed to the end of the story

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