Why I Prefer Cats…

Cats live the ultimate lives – worshipped as Gods, treated with great affection, they are fed when they are hungry, they sleep when they feel like it, and they have the best seat/bed/position in the house. What’s not to love about that? They are superior and disdainful, but at the same time fiercely loyal when they choose you and deeply affectionate when they want to be. They are heartbreakingly cute when little, and deeply hilarious as they grow up and even better, they grow to be awesome with age.

Okay, so you’ve caught me out… this isn’t exactly a post about writing or books or anything I promised this blog would be about. But who cares? I love cats, and after the long debate at work today about cats versus dogs, I just couldn’t resist. Plus, it also gave me an excuse to post ridiculously adorable pictures up.

I could tie it into my writing a little… I will always have a cat of some kind feature in all my writings. One of my favourite books is I am a Cat by Soseki Natsume – the story of a Japanese cat. My own cat is my own little mascot – appearing whenever I arrive home, and making sure I’m not out of sight until I leave again. She sits on my lap as I write, and curls against my stomach when I nap to make sure I’m warm. Whenever I need a cuddle, she’s just there.

So, be proud to be a cat fan, like me…


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  1. My pet cat has two kittens now. The two of them have already turned my small garden into a bunch of twigs. 🙂

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