The Zombie Apocalypse

Due to a habit of eating cheese before bed, and a hankering for violent zombie films, I often find myself in the midst of my very own zombie apocalypse in most dreams. The Undead often appear in various ways – the other days they had huge masks with googley-eyes and lolling tongues and were chasing a pregnant Marilyn Monroe (I’d overdone the cheese in the cheese sauce of mac-and-cheese). Before that I was trapped in my old school with people I didn’t know fighting off 28 Days Later-esque zombies (wensleydale with cranberries). Sometimes there are zombie animals instead…


Now, there are lots of amazing zombie films – Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Zombieland, Rec and the new TV series The Walking Dead. I’m even partial to some Peter Jackson beginner films and Resident Evil when the mood hits me.

And apart from the outstanding graphic novels of The Walking Dead, I have yet to find a decent zombie book.

Which makes me wonder… is it even possible to write a zombie apocalypse novel? Someone argued that Cormac McCarthy’s The Road was a pretty good one (cannibalism in a post-apocalyptic world = zombies). But that’s nothing to do with flesh-eating undead things and gore. Which is, effectively, the whole point of zombie apocalypse stories.

I have never attempted a zombie apocalypse story. There was a vampire apocalypse short story in second year at uni that didn’t do too badly, but I’ve always chickened out of zombies. I  reckon that if I ate enough cheese I could possibly hallucinate a zombie story into being and write it down…

Do you reckon I could do it? If so, what would you want to see in a zombie book?


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3 responses to “The Zombie Apocalypse

  1. I just recently finished reading Feed by Mira Grant which is a novel about 3 bloggers who are following a presidential candidate in zombie-infested America about 30 years in the future (I forget the exact year off the top of my head). The Road was a decent book, but it’s not a zombie novel. It could easily be considered a near-future dystopian novel which for many people would make it a science fiction, but for my review of it I just listed it as Drama. (Drama is my catch-all category when the book doesn’t really fit into any other genre. You could call The Road Literary Fiction and I don’t think anyone would argue with you about it.)

  2. Well, I think it’s possible to make a good zombie book. Stephen King’s Cell had the greatest first chapter in the history of apocalyptic fiction. It should be something like that.

  3. Have you read World War Z? I haven’t, but it seems to be the zombie novel that everyone cites when discussing this subject.

    The Road is great, but definitely not a zombie novel.

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