Day Six of NaNoWriMo

Today’s Playlist:

Today I began with a bit of Prodigy, Firestarter, to get me going, then eased myself onwards with Eminem vs. Prodigy, Superman before taking a step through the Eminem music with So Bad, Rihanna’s Rockstar 101, Katy Perry’s entire album One of the Boys, and then soothed it down with Seth Lakeman’s mix up of Hearts & Minds, Kitty Jay, Poor Man’s Heaven and then The Punch Bowl. To keep me going, I chucked the iPod on shuffle and let the music take me where it may. So far though, I think Prodigy and Seth Lakeman might be the two soundtracks of the novel (as bizarre as that mix may be).

What are your songs to your NaNoWriMo experience?


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One response to “Day Six of NaNoWriMo

  1. storymultiverse

    For writing in general, I have one ever-expanding playlist called “Ben’s Variety Mix” (creative, I know). It’s . . . pretty random. To list just some M’s (don’t ask why I picked M, I just did): Megadeth, Mumford & Sons, Mates of State, Miku Hatsune, Modest Mouse, Mae, Marketa Irglova, Mai Yamane, and Metric.

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