Day Seventeen of NaNoWriMo

The fever broke last night (thank goodness), and so I am back to writing form… ish. I had some mental dreams (fighting Ryan Reynolds with those coffee sticks you get to stir, and starring in a West Wing/Scrubs spoof crossover).

But back to my writing!

I really need to look at filling in the gaps. My writing has been flowing (relatively) easily, but not necessarily in order or even in one solid piece. It’s all jumbled up scenes and ideas that I’ve used. So now I need to start linking them – hopefully this will give me a better understanding of some of the back story, and flesh out my characters a bit.

One bit of good news is that my characters are behaving themselves, but they all seem to be getting crushes on one another, but not one of them has fallen for the person I imagined they would. I know, I know, I sound completely bonkers when I talk about my characters like this (“they’re not real people, Francesca, you can tell them to do what you want”). Well, yes and no. I created these characters with these character traits, and I certainly had an idea as to which direction they would go, but then you can’t write something that is out of character for them – it has to seem realistic. So if one of my characters starts falling for someone that isn’t the kind of person the reader thinks they would fall for, they start to lose credibility.

So it’s partly my fault that they aren’t doing what I wanted them to in the first place, because I wrote them like that. But at the same time, I can’t write them into different characters, otherwise I’d have to start all over again!


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