Day Eighteen of NaNoWriMo

Having managed to fall behind again, I am dedicating the weekend to catching up and (hopefully) exceeding the target. And it had all started so well! How is everyone else doing? I’m finding that it’s very easy to be distracted by the simplest of things that means you can no longer write… Yesterday it was Children in Need… And Mexican dinner with the family…

The highlight of Children in Need had to be the Muppets and Russell Howard… other than that and the tear-jerking appeals, I found it a bit underwhelming this year. Maybe because I’ve got used to the Comic Relief frenzy of hilarity, that watching One Direction (or, as Mummaloo calls them “No Direction Whatsoever”) doesn’t quite cut it. I did enjoy Olly Murs though… and the Children in Need single, despite being a rubbish cover of Depeche Mode, was acceptable purely on the basis that Tinchy Stryder was on and I LOVE HIM.

Which is why I went to sleep humming Tinchy.


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