Day Nineteen of NaNoWriMo

“Quick! To the NaNo-Mobile!”

Procrastination is my middle name… actually, it’s not but I can’t tell you my real middle name because I’ll have to kill you… it’s a State Secret.

As you can tell – I have got no further with my amazingly ill-advised “I shall beat the NaNoWriMo word count” idea for the weekend. Instead, I have managed to do the following: have a lie-in, write blog posts, clean up my iTunes (delete all the rubbish), watch some rugby (Gloucester vs. Harlequins), eat my weight in Minstrels and read some of The Midnight Palace. I have not, in fact, even got it open on my laptop – I do have Facebook and Twitter open though, natch.

I have, however, managed to do three loads of washing.

What is wrong with me!? Have the Minstrels gone to my head!?

I also blame the “two blogs to write, duh” thing, and also it’s that time of year that I re-read Lord of the Rings in time for Christmas*, so I also have two books on the go.

Speaking of, I have had to recently purchase the posh black-bound editions of said LOTR because my last lot gave up the ghost. Because they are so pretty, I have been proudly carrying them around on display for all to see, which, when drinking a 400-calorie peppermint hot chocolate in an unnamed (large and corporate) coffee shop (because I don’t show favouritism… it was Starbucks, and yes the extra calories make it extra yummy), I overheard a couple start a Tolkien discussion thanks to seeing my beautiful book. I felt smug that I could induce Tolkienism in Starbucks.

But what is truly to blame is I have now begun to reach the “This is RUBBISH” stage of my writing, at which point I usually quit and shove it into a bottom drawer and forget all about it. Reading Tolkien is making me feel woefully inadequate, which is just compounding the matter.

Anyway, I need to go to yell at the  rugby on the TV and pointedly ignore the novel until I dissolve into a Minstrels-induced coma.

*Also, speaking of Christmas… there are a particular pair of pyjama bottoms in the window of the local Primark. If anyone wants to buy me a pressie, they are only £5 which is an amazing bargain because they have REINDEER AND SNOWFLAKES ON THEM and they make me feel super Christmassy (which is rare as I am generally the Grinch until Christmas Eve).


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