Day Twenty of NaNoWriMo

I actually behaved myself and did some writing today! It might be because I ran out of CDs to put on my iTunes and although a day of lounging in pyjamas watching films was appealing, I did feel guilty at the very thought.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t watch films… I started with 101 Dalmatians (Glenn Close you legend), then I moved on to Up and blubbed my eyes out, and THEN there was Hook!

You know how I read LOTR for every Christmas? Well, Hook is my film version of that. I love writing food scenes thanks to this film, because I always dream of a food fight just like that one. And Dustin Hoffman as Hook is simply amazing.

So, what with Home Alone yesterday and all the other Christmassy films today, I couldn’t help writing a snowy scene into my novel. It’s mainly set in summer, which could prove a bit of a hurdle, but it really wasn’t… I have my devious ways!

So today I did write. Aren’t I a good girl?

How well is everyone else doing? Is the looming deadline frightening or exciting you? Or can’t you tell the difference yet?

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