The Last Day of NaNoWriMo

WELL DONE NANO-HEADS! You’ve made it! Today is the last day of that 30-day mania that is NaNoWriMo…

Time to rest, feel smug, and look around. How many of you made it to 50,000 words? How many of you smashed the target?

So I didn’t make it… I fell by the wayside one week from the finish line. I know of others who didn’t make it past the first few days. Those people who dismiss it, have NO IDEA. It’s hard. It’s ridiculous. It’s slightly mental. It’s so much fun.

I think it’s time to put down that coffee you’ve been drinking, those endless boxes of chocolate, and take stock of the achievement. Then it’s time to sleep. Pat yourself on the back – you made it in one piece (I hope).

How long are you going to wait before the first edit? Before you look over those 50,000 words with pride/dread/wonder? Do you even remember where you started?

Give me the low-down on your NaNoWriMo experience!


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3 responses to “The Last Day of NaNoWriMo

  1. Ben

    I managed to barely squeak past the word count limit! I plan on continuing to work on the novel, get it up to about 75-80k, then revise it, send it out to my content readers, revise it again, send it to my proofreaders, then start querying.

    Also, you deserve a hearty congratulations just for trying! No matter what, you at least made the effort!

  2. This was my first year participating in NaNo and I absolutely loved it! I did reach the 50K, and while my novel has a lot more to be written, the feeling of reaching that word goal in a month was quite exhilarating!

    Like Ben said, NaNo is all just about trying and writing. And if you were able to write at least some every day, you won!

    Great post and it’s sad to see NaNo ending.

  3. David

    I failed on my very first Nanowriomo, and I was not suprised to be honest as my heart was not really into it. I did learn a lot about me and my writing and I have to say I do not think I will do it next year…. but never say never

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