Judging a Book By its Cover

This year, eBooks outsold hardbacks. A sign of the times? Perhaps. The Kindle on Amazon is going for a mere £89, and the iPad has a free iBooks app with hundreds of titles available at the touch of the screen. This is the way of literature – hundreds of books on paper-thin computers with touchscreens. And I believe in it – with the techno-generation the books are reaching new eyes. I don’t own a Kindle or iPad or anything else you can read a book on. I own several bookshelves, stuffed brimful of the good old-fashioned books. I love books. I love the feel and smell and sight and everything about them. What can I say, I’m a traditionalist. It’s like people who still like to buy CDs instead of trawling iTunes and Spotify.

But the book industry isn’t going down without a fight… in fact, it’s not really going down at all. The best bit? All these beautiful new covers that are being published! Remember that gorgeous cover for Catch-22 that was printed for the special edition? Well, the printers have been out doing themselves with some unique and beautiful covers for all and sundry.

Check out Julian Barnes’ book cover – the worn look is exclusive to the first edition! It was so inspired in fact, he thanked his designer for it in his Booker acceptance speech.

So, no, you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover. But if it’s extra pretty, then why not!?


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