Split Personality

Remember I’m one of those mental people that likes to write two blogs? Yeah, well I’ve now decided to enter one of them into the Marie Claire Blog Awards*.

My other blog – The Fashion Lover – has been going for about two years now. It started as writing about all the pretty things I had seen in shops, and has evolved to a “what I’m wearing, what they’re wearing, what’s going on in the world of fashion, what can you get on the highstreet” type… er… thing.

So… I’m writing a fantasy novel, holding up a job, I have two Facebook pages, two Twitter pages, two blogs and a social life. I occasionally feel like I have a split personality!

But it seems to work well, because of all you wonderful people reading my blog, I know that I’m not completely nuts… or not alone anyway. I get so much enjoyment out of writing these blogs thanks to you lovely lot… though I will say that the blogs are about my two favourite past-times, so they started as completely selfish ramblings!

Back to the split personality bit. Writing and fashion don’t necessarily come hand in hand, and I often get a bit bewildered flicking back and forth between the two subjects so much. I love to snuggle up in flannel pyjamas and fluffy slippers with a mug of tea (duh) and write and read and geek out to my heart’s content. But I also like to dress up in beautiful clothes and do my make-up and hair and go out in public, knowing that people are admiring what I’m wearing. I like to go shopping in Topshop and Warehouse and River Island as much as I love huddling in a bookshop.

So it takes me a while to switch off from the public, fashionable me to become the fantasy author me. Though they are both equally me. For years, I was almost ashamed to admit how much of a geek I really am. I love my sci-fi TV series and books. I love having surreal conversations using wordplay to create “Slugger O’Toole” into a slug-keeping Tory in a tweed jacket (true story).

When I was a teen, I could never reveal that side to people – I had to gossip about reality TV and celebrities and shoes and never delve deeper than what’s the latest from Eastenders. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore that too (not Eastenders though). But I love both, and I’m not one or the other.

I became happier with this double-me in university. I admitted to myself that I was a writer, but refused to give up the clothes. And now, here I am – back and forth between the two, with two Facebook pages, two Twitter pages and two blogs.

Am I mental?


But you lot are reading it, so I can’t be doing it all wrong!





*This is a not-so subtle hint asking for your support!


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