Winter is Coming…

Have you tried Googling “winter is coming”. It’s freaking hilarious!

Anyway. Winter is definitely on its way. I’m sleeping in a hoodie and slippers because the radiators are on the blink even when turned up full blast. My tea drinking has doubled (shocking, I know) and I’m slightly tempted to write with fingerless gloves on.

Still no snow though. Just ridiculously freezing rain and wind, and miserable weather all around. What I need right now is a roaring fire and a blanket. And I’m not even middle-aged.

I’m keeping myself occupied by watching episodes of The Wire (new addiction, which is annoying seeing as there’s five whole seasons to work through), reading Perks and LOTR, and downing tea like I have moments to live… which, by the way, sometimes it feels like because it’s so COLD. Remember I mentioned writing a snow-scene for my novel which is primarily set in summer? I think it might be to do with the weather. Now, how does it sound when I say I’m going write my novel backwards?

Bear with me. WINTER IS COMING. The start of my novel is in summer, yes? So why not have the ending in winter? After all, there needs to be some kind of timeline. And I’m always useless at getting endings right, so why not begin with the end and work backwards? Can’t go wrong then, right?

Yes, my friends, winter is coming… and I’m going to write about it.

It’s also convinced me that A Clash of Kings is the next book on the list. I miss the Starks!


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