Things That Made Me Smile…

Yes, as you’ve probably guessed, this is a completely self-indulgent post. As those of you who know me – and now for those of you who don’t – the truth is out there. I suffer from depression. No, I’m not making a big thing of it – and I’m not going to bother making a big deal of it either. Suffice to say, that when it was bad, Mummaloo gave me something to do. I think it was called the Happiness Project or something like that. Anyway, there was one thing that I’ve continued to do ever since – find something every day to make you smile.

Here are mine for today:

1. Listening to Snow Patrol on the way home.

2. A boy, too excited to wait, braving the freezing bench to put on his brand new trainers.

3. An elderly couple – the husband making sure his wife’s hat was put on properly before going out into the bitter cold.

4. A couple at the coffee shop sharing a secret.

5. The blood donor vans by the school every week, forever with a queue of people waiting, even when it’s cold.

So that’s it – that’s what makes me smile today.

I remember the first time I chose something for the Happiness Project to make me smile; there was a homeless man with a dog who would always be outside Sainsburys in Bath. He was a sweet guy, always wishing people a good day even if they ignored him. One day, he’s selling the Big Issue (I know this doesn’t make him homeless, but he’d never done it before, so maybe he was going “up in the world”). I was walking home from work, about to go and get some food for dinner, and he asked me to buy a copy. I had no change, so instead when I paid for my food on my card, I bought him a sandwich and his dog some food. He told me I was the kindest person he’d ever met. And it wasn’t a self-indulgent feeling of satisfaction that came from doing a Good Deed that made me smile, it was the fact that I know I’m not the only person who is “kind” enough to help someone out. And no matter how few of those people there are, they will always do something kind and it will always do some good. So even if I never do something like that again, I did it once, and that counts. It’s encouraged me ever since to be Kind (because not everyone has that luxury).

Anyway. Enough self-indulging.

What made you smile today?



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2 responses to “Things That Made Me Smile…

  1. I did a post similar to this a couple of weeks ago. We all tend to get wrapped up in the big things that we face every day, but we always ignore the little things. Oftentimes the best thing you can do to cheer yourself up is to think of the little things that make your day.

    Seeing the small things like you mentioned are a large part of what can make you happy from day to day. So what made me smile today? Seeing this post. Very nice post.

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