The All-Consuming Book

So I’m reading A Clash of Kings. I’d forgotten how much I LOVE THIS SERIES. To the point I’m literally ignoring people (not on purpose, I’m just so engrossed). I also remember that these are ridiculous books to try and do anything else whilst reading. The thing barely fits in my bag (and my bag is HUGE). It’s also a great hindrance to tea-drinking. A huge tome of a book, you really need to use two hands to read it. Therefore doing anything else whilst trying to read at the same time (eat porridge, drink tea, sit on the bus) is basically impossible. It’s an all-or-nothing book, a curl-up-in-bed book, it consumes your time and attention. And you know what? George R.R Martin is definitely worth giving up a 5-cups-of-tea a day habit. Worth giving up sleep for even…

Who am I kidding. I need my 8 hours to look this good and even the Starks can’t keep me away from my bed.

But it’s definitely an amazing read. I love this series so much – even if you’re not a fantasy fan, you should read it. If you like historical novels in particular – it’s certainly got a Tudors stab-you-in-the-back feel about it!

Anyway, enough blogging for me… after all, at 873 pages, this book requires all my attention.


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  1. These books are really good, but a lot of the series acclaim is based on the early books. I really didn’t care for book 5 at all, even though it had my favorite character (Tyrion) heavily involved in the book, it just didn’t work for me.

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