Starting Afresh

It’s a bit too soon for New Year’s resolutions, but if George R.R Martin taught me anything, it’s that my story is currently absolute rubbish.

So I’m starting again. Right from scratch.

Well… maybe not completely from scratch. The same characters, the same world, and so on. But I’ve got myself a notebook and I’m starting over. It might even be a brand new story, who knows! But I’m creating a religion, a currency and lots of cultures all over again. So, there it is folks. I will do no more proper story writing until I have filled my notebook with all the details I need for a decent story.

I thank thee, George R.R Martin, you have shown me the way… I only hope I can live up to it.

Wish me luck… I might not survive to see the New Year…

What’s the thoughts on starting again? Do you go from scratch or keep plowing on?



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2 responses to “Starting Afresh

  1. I am doing the same thing. It’s exciting, but kind of frightening in the, “I’ve already tried this once and I’m rewriting it, so what makes me think I can do it again” way. I’ve found that I am almost completely scrapping the previous plot and story, combining characters, and changing back story completely. Still, I am having loads of fun. Post a link to your work so we can comment. is a great medium!

    How are things on your end?

    • That sounds great! You will have to let me know where I can go and read yours.

      Things are going slowly this end, but I’m getting there. Training for a half-marathon means less writing time, but I feel I’m getting more out of the short amount of time I get. It feels more focused somehow!

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