A Decent Opening

“It was a dark and stormy night…”

Just kidding. But there is definitely a good reason that there is a prize for worst opening sentence ever – they’re HARD. And that’s just the opening sentence, let alone the whole of the first chapter! I mean, do you start with Chapter One, or do you have a Prologue? What’s the difference between the Prologue and Chapter One anyway?

I promised that I would do no more writing until I had all the other stuff straightened out, and I’m kind of sticking by that promise. I do quite like the opener for the last attempt though. Perhaps not the story bit, but the scene is quite good for a starter – lots of mystery. But I have the fear that it’s
a)      too boring
b)      too short
c)      too vague.

It’s almost like I don’t know where the plot is going or who my main characters are yet. Which was true at the time. But now it needs more meat to it. I have a habit of going overboard on description, which is what I think I was trying to avoid with this one. But then what do you fill the gaps with – inane chatter? It’s a first chapter, it’s got to be interesting!

I promise I’m not writing it, I’m just planning it. I have to plan these things, otherwise I freak out when confronted with a blank page and a strict instruction to WRITE. Even running-down-the-page exercises give me the shivers. And I definitely need a good opening sentence… any suggestions? Besides the horrendous “dark and stormy night”? (Which, come to think of it, pretty much describes my opening scene – eek!)


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