Winners of the Costa Book Awards 2011

The winners of the Costa Book Awards 2011 have been announced! But it definitely has caused a bit of a stir…

Booker prize winner Julian Barnes was beaten by Andrew Miller’s Pure to get Best Novel, and Matthew Hollis’ Now All Roads Lead to France: The Last Years of Edward Thomas overcame biographer Claire Tomalin’s book on Charles Dickens to win the Biography Awards.

But unsurprisingly it was poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy who won the Poetry Award with her collection The Bees. If you’re a betting person, odds are 3/1 that Duffy will win the Book of the Year later this month!

“We were thrilled by the poet’s musical feeling for language and her spellbinding ability to combine naturalness and formal complexity. It’s a joyful collection.”

Best Novel: Pure by Andrew Miller
Best First Novel: Tiny Sunbirds Far Away by Christie Watson
Poetry Award: The Bees by Carol Ann Duffy
Biography Award: Now All Roads Lead to France: The Last Years of Edward Thomas by Matthew Hollis
Best Children’s Book: Blood Red Road by Moira Young

One of the more exciting awards was given to Christie Watson, winner of the Best First Novel, who was a nurse for 18 years before writing novels.

What do you think of the winners?


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