Wise or Wasted

I got incredibly offended today when I was told that blogging is a waste of time. “You’ve got what? A hundred followers? That’s nothing,” I was told. “You could be doing so many better things with your time than writing about stuff no one wants to hear about.”

I was so furious that I couldn’t even stammer out a reply of “well, you’re wrong”. I couldn’t get a coherent argument together to show him how wrong he really was. I failed to grasp strong and valid examples that proved his ignorance. I was impotent with rage.

A waste of time!?

This bloke spends half the night on video games shooting pretend monsters with online strangers whilst his friends play sports and meet up for Boy’s Nights. At the weekends he spends his whole time in the pub, nursing lukewarm beers. Now tell me what time is wasted.

Of course, I would never dare say that video games are a complete waste of time. I don’t presume to judge; I’m not a game-player. Do you love it? Do you have fun doing it? Then it’s not a waste of time.

I don’t make money from my blogs. It would be nice if I did. It would be nice to get freebies and advertising space on other sites and all sorts of things. But that’s not the reason I actually do it. I never got in to blogging for money (I’m not daft for starters); I got in to it because I wanted a medium in which to write about things I love (and I’m an egomaniac).

And this made me think… there are two phrases that imply what you are doing is of some use (or not)…
“Using your time wisely”
“A complete waste of time”

So are you time-wise or time-wasted?

Blogging for me is not a waste of time (though it is time-consuming), in the same way that reading isn’t a waste of time, eating isn’t a waste of time and sleeping isn’t a waste of time. Things that I do find a waste of time? Fake tan, watching Twilight and listening to a boy talk about football (in fact, anything football-related).

But then I can accept that people enjoy that sort of stuff, and for them it’s not time-wasted, it’s time-wise.

What do you think is time-wasting or time-wise?



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4 responses to “Wise or Wasted

  1. Keeping a blog has introduced me to people I never would have met otherwise, books I never would have read, and ideas that I never would have heard of. If those are a waste of time, then yes, blogging is a waste of time.

    But from the tone of your post, it doesn’t sound like you think it’s a waste of time, and I agree, it isn’t.

  2. If your blog serves a purpose then it isn’t a waste of time. Simple as.

  3. Remind me never to get on your bad side. What do you care what that idiot thinks about you or your blog. *presses follow button* Now you have 164 followers!

    I really like you politely insulted the guy too.

  4. David - the diabeticman

    I have been journal keeping for more years, on and off, than I can recall. I would hate for anyone to read them as I tell things about me and say things about others, oh goodness what trouble that would cause.

    I started a blog on my 39th birthday and kept it for the whole year before I turned 30, but I self censored not too much given away about myself and dare not tell tales and stories of others…. it was the saddest year of writing in my life.

    However, I have to complement so many Bloggers who take their precious time to compose, the silly , the weird, the occasionally naughty, informative and even rarely personal accounts of their lives for doing what I cannot.

    I scan you Inkings and Inklings Blog a few times a week and I smile, I tut, I shake my head and at least 50% of the time I read the posting in full, so carry on using your fingers and thumbs to scribe away confident in the knowledge that without writers neandethals would not know how to scratch their own arses.

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