The Unfinished Story

A very quick post today as my life is starting to take on that whirlwind feeling again, where basically everything speeds up and starts happening all at once and I have no possible way to keep a handle on things… instead I hunker down with a cup of tea and hope for the best. This means that sometimes I get to ten-to-ten at night (oh, hello) and realise that I haven’t got enough time to blog before having to go to bed in an attempt to get enough sleep to get through tomorrow.

Life is just one big juggling act, where if you can keep it all in the air, then you’re pretty lucky, but you’re also screwed because they are one throw away from crashing about your ears. My juggling pieces currently include: work, food, cars, fitness, sleep (God how I miss sleep) and friendships. These are the standard pieces to juggle, except I’ve kept them in the air for quite a while recently… which now means I’m f*cked.

Hence the reeeaaally short posts of late.

I thought today I would share with you an interesting conversation I spotted over at the Guardian. This post was all about Those Classics that you know you should read, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it – whether by animosity towards the characters or sheer laziness. Head over to see everyone’s responses.

I, for one, couldn’t bring myself to finish War and Peace. I feel pretty proud of myself for getting an inch into it. However, I gave up when I realised that I hadn’t got a clue who anyone was, what was happening or why… which was shortly followed by the realisation that I didn’t actually care.

Which are your unfinished classics and why?


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