Proud to be the Crunchie-giver!

With my shoes full of feet

Watching a documentary on the underground last week I was struck by a very friendly, happy chap called Tim Pinn. He seemed so dedicated to being a smiling face in peoples’ days. (Watch episode 3, from around 33 mins). He’s just so constantly, reliably happy.

I very much subscribe to the idea that it’s the little things which make a day and we should all try and be abit nicer to each other. I try to be chipper at work, because, well, we’re at work so let’s do our best to make it enjoyable. Generally, I’m friendly and polite to the people I meet going about my day. Sometimes I’m not, maybe I’m grumpy, maybe they’ve done something to irritate me (I’m looking at you lady who poked me awake on the early train to Cardiff when I’d already shown my ticket to the other guard), but mostly I try…

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