How would you feel if you worked at your craft for tireless years, and then in your eleventy-somethingth round-the-sun lap, someone bought their way into the cubicle next to you?

It’s likely that you would experience any number of unpleasant feelings. Confusion. Anger. That pulled-taffy feeling of jealousy and resentment. Which is normal, because if someone bought their way into something you’d worked hard for, it’s only natural that you would be upset. It undermines your sense of worth in your work, and jabs at your diligence with a pointy stick.

This week I’ve come across a few blogs discussing the practice of self-published authors buying positive reviews to make their books look better on Amazon and other digital marketplaces.

There are services that offer a number of reviews for each threshold of money.

When I heard about it, I sat there bewildered for a minute. Then I felt lumpy…

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