Rumour Has It – Thomas Pynchon

Gravity's RainbowHe’s notorious for secrecy, for being a recluse – refusing to have his picture taken, dismissing eBooks, and so on. No one in the press really quite knows what he’s up to and what he thinks. Which is why, on spotting this article on The Independent, I had to Google it – just to be sure.

And it seems that Thomas Pynchon IS releasing a new novel – as announced by Washington Post editor Ron Charles on Twitter on the 4th January. Bleeding Edge has no confirmed publication date with Penguin in the US, and not even a whisper of a British equivalent publication as yet. But that hasn’t stopped the curious-types peeking over the fence to see just what’s going on – though Charles explained that despite it being confirmed by two press employees at Penguin, it was still all only tentative.

Pynchon is author of cult favourites including the award-winning Gravity’s Rainbow (listed on the TIME 100 top English-speaking novels since 1923*), V, and The Crying of Lot 49. His most recent offering – Inherent Vice – was not received so kindly, but is still rumoured to be set for a film adaptation featuring Robert Downey Jr. and Charlize Theron (see above Independent article). There are even whispers that he’s been given the nod for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

So are we abuzz with the rumours? Are we making wild assumptions about what Bleeding Edge will be about? With words like “tentative” being bandied around, it’s hard to get overexcited about such a story. But, I will admit, I have a little spark of anticipation…

What do you think about the impending – cautious – publication of a new Thomas Pynchon novel?

*I am unashamed to say this links to one of the most entertaining blogs I have come across, 101 Books, for the sole reason that it’s worth a read and a follow!


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