When Real Life Gets in the Way

slow sign

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
– John Lennon

How often does “life” get in the way of “living”? How many times have I disappeared without a trace from the blogosphere, only to return triumphantly / apologetically / inexplicably?

That’s because life really does get in the way. My life continues to live around me – carries on with whatever it’s doing, without looking back to see if I’m keeping up.

I’m not going in to what made me disappear this time. That’s not really what this post is about; this post is more discussing the idea that “keeping up” is actually rather overrated. Is it honestly preferable to rush on ahead – have things happen to you, because of you or with you, and have no moment to pause for thought and reflection?

Isn’t that the role of the writer? Isn’t it our job to pause and reflect, and write about it so that it makes other people pause and reflect too? Isn’t our writing the escape from real life – that wild, charging rhino that you’re clinging to and hoping to every deity that it doesn’t go horribly wrong?

It’s time to slow down. It’s time to put real life on hold for a couple of hours (because that’s all it will allow before it starts demanding attention again) and doing something for yourself.

Want a lie-in? Do it.

Want to write more? Do it!

Want to get a new hobby? DO IT!

Real life most definitely won’t hang around. In fact, don’t leave it too long because then you’ve got to pick up a whole lot of mess (trust me). Instead, carve out the time for yourself. Tell real life to go away. Read that book, have that afternoon nap, eat that slice of cake with no guilt. Whatever.

It’s time we make a stand, and let real life know who’s boss.

Because, frankly, I’m tired. I’m tired to the bone. Each day is the same old cycle, only it seems to be getting less and less fun, and that’s because I’m losing sight of what I want. It’s not a matter of need any more – it’s a matter of want. I want those things that I’ve ignored for years. I want to be able to finish a novel and feel proud of it. I don’t want to reach 10pm and realise that I haven’t written/spoken to that friend/done that thing AGAIN. And it’s another day wasted.

I’m getting off this ride for a bit. But that doesn’t mean I’m going away. It means that this time, I want to make demands on real life, and give myself time to write – blogs and WIP – and not allow myself to ignore myself any more.

No more disappearing. No more real life taking over and spoiling the game.


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