It Begins with a Dead Body

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo my previous fear about starting my WIP with a horrid cliché is over! Rather than begin at the beginning, I’ve decided I’m beginning at the end. So to speak.

It starts with a dead body. Or, a body that they think is dead. But it also starts with a race across the rooftops with two children, who reach the waterside and find a little fishing boat with what they think is a dead body in it. This WIP is the story of this person, and how they ended up in the bottom of a boat under a pile of rags.

I had this idea a while ago when I was pondering the advantages of a sequel to my rather useless novel I had written 10 years previously. I like the idea of having a story told within a story – every book I’ve read with something similar has been ridiculously enjoyable. And the two children are favourite characters of mine (regularly resurrected in writings across the past few years). It also wriggles me out of the current issue I’ve got – too much weather and not enough interest.

Plus, I’ve always wondered what story my dead-but-not-dead character would have told if I had ever given them the chance. With my new rule of giving writing the priority and putting the pause on life every now and then, I think I might give it a go.

Would you read a novel that starts with a dead-not-dead body?

What books have you read with a similar story? Did you enjoy them?

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