I’ve Met Someone

ApocalypseGosh-darn it. Curses. Fiddlesticks.

And all that.*

So it turns out my imagination doesn’t really like to stay with one thing for too long. I was driving home yesterday listening to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (really love this song – you go and listen, and I’ll wait here…)

… and I suddenly thought about this girl. She kind of terrifies me, because actually she’s not that nice, but she’d have to be pretty scary to live in the world she’s in, so I can forgive her that. She’s also very insistent.

I have an opening of the story (which, if I’m honest, is always the easiest part for me), a premise for the plot and even some pretty sharp dialogue, if I do say so myself.

The only issue is – we’re stepping away entirely from my WIP. And when I say entirely, I mean E.N.T.I.R.E.L.Y. This is dystopian future, apocalyptic undertones, brutal warring-type writing. This is NOT fantasy adventure.

I blame my post about Margaret Atwood making me remember my love of dystopias and Emmie for writing brilliant female characters that make me reassess my own. This character? She’s a Strong Female Character – and that might even be a little bit of an understatement.

I’ve spent half the night awake thinking about her. As a writer, people occur to you fully formed or they are half-there and you have to tease out the rest. With her, she appeared just-like-that. There’s no question of what she looks like, sounds like, how she thinks or behaves and there is absolutely no question that I am not going to write about her.

It looks like I’m going back to attempting dystopian fiction for a while!

A part of me is glad to put down the WIP and try something else for a while. I’m getting WIP-fatigue after writing (wrangling) some complicated scenes… that should never have been complicated in the first place. I’m also glad because I get to do some background research and reading (I’m a little geek). Our Strong Female Character has decided to set herself in America. Now, most of my writing is either in a world of my own making or England (write what you know, right!?) but for some reason, she’s just not a fan of Blighty.

There’s just one issue. And it’s cropped up before. I don’t have a name for her…

Though I’m a little more relaxed about that – she’ll let me know what she wants to be called in good time. I’ve already got her nickname (thank you Blue Oyster Cult) and the rest will follow. The fact that she already has her own soundtrack already half-formed is a good sign – I’m going to be listening to a lot of Prodigy, Blue Oyster Cult, and Imagine Dragons, as well as some good, hard rock from the 70s and 80s.

Now, Strong Female Character is insisting I pay her some attention before going to work. So that’s all for now folks!

Have you ever had characters pop in to your head?

Do certain songs or bands make you think of certain things?

What’s the best dystopian fiction you’ve ever read?

*As a very quick aside – and if you haven’t already guessed – I’m still on beta duties and there’s no book review this week


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2 responses to “I’ve Met Someone

  1. Good luck! And, you’re right, Radioactive is an awesome song. I love it when characters just pop in and start telling you about their day/life. Same happens for me with scenes too! And, music or really awesome scenes in movies are totally instigators for me. Like, way back when, when X Men: The Last Stand came out, the Phoenix character totally gave me all the inspiration and imagination I needed to formulate the character I am still writing today. Granted, she has totally evolved since then, but the fact of the matter is that the music and filming of that scene were the catalysts. Art, whatever shape and form, always carries over from one medium to another. 🙂

    As for dystopian future books/movies/etc…. the TV series Fringe came to mind, as did the movie I Robot, and, if you are looking for a downer, the book The Road, or a stretch the book Angelology. Nice thing about movies and TV series though is they are easier to get through and you can experience a lot more of them.

    All in all, good luck. Whatever length this piece turns out to be, there are a plethora of markets for this type of story!

  2. AAAAHHHH! I love that song. I listen to it when I run.

    And yeah, my characters do that. They walk up, tap me on the shoulder, and start talking. Then I have to tell their stories.

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