Zombies AheadThat’s right. I’m going for it.

I’m going to write about zombies.

If you know me, and if you know my tastes, I love a good zombie story. I even discussed the merits of zombie-telling (and cheese dreams) a while back on the blog.

Now I have my perfect opportunity to tell my own zombie apocalypse, thanks to my rather demanding, daring and fabulously-dreadlocked SFC.*

Think Prison Break meets The Walking Dead… and you’re not even close. Though it does have zombies and prisons and a rather huge tattoo in it. I have the Apocalypse Soundtrack ready to go on Spotify, my character waiting for her cue, and a myriad of zombie gore at my fingertips.

The whole thing came about partly because I was listening to said soundtrack at work, and partly because I had yet another zombie apocalypse cheese dream (which, for some reason, didn’t turn out as well as some of the others… perhaps it was my choice of cheese).

And I realise now that I have to do a lot of zombie homework.

It’s never as simple as just writing zombies – you have a plethora of zombies to choose from, and a heady cocktail of zombie origins to boot.

How did they come about? Why did they come about (are you going down the symbolic route at all)? What do they look like and what do they want? Are they fast or slow and do they want to eat brains or just rip you limb from limb?

My cheese zombies tend to be the kind to want to chow down on anything they can get their hands on (see Shaun of the Dead), but can move a tad faster than a shuffle (see 28 Days Later). I also had an incident where there were good zombies, which was a bit scarier than your normal run-of-the-mill Z if I’m honest.

Once I’ve pinned down my Z-type, I can add them in to the mix. I’ve already got to the prison, which took no time at all, and now I just need a bit of peril…


Share your zombie stories – what makes a good Z, and what zombie tales do you enjoy?

*Strong Female Character for those not in the know

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