The Big Announcement!

Searching for SuperwomenSo there’s a reason I didn’t post yesterday, and it’s not because I was being lazy.

No, instead I waited to post today so that you only have ONE NIGHT TO WAIT!

Yep – that Secret Project is Secret no more.

Introducing you to Searching for SuperWomen.

Mastermind Emmie has decided enough is enough – it’s time for geek women to unite and show the world what we want. It’s about time we geeks get a chance to talk about all things geekery, superhero, sci-fi and whatnot without being pinned down (she explains it better here). And she’s recruited three musketeers* to help.

Now. I’m going to tell you a story.

When I was a kid, we used to play superheroes in the playground. I was desperate to be Batman – I loved the gadgets and the Batcave and the idea of having a supercool butler. But every time I would suggest that maybe this time I could be Batman, and catch the Joker, they would snort and shake their heads. No. I was a girl. But I could be Catwoman if I liked. I used to spend most of the time imprisoned by the Joker waiting to be rescued. It was very dull. (But it did inspire my Twitter name).

Even when I discovered the X-Men, I felt somehow let down by Storm, who spent much of her time fainting from running out of energy (you don’t see Cyclops taking a nap because he’s tried too hard). And Rogue (by far the coolest) couldn’t touch anyone, which was dull as well (I often wondered if she could cuddle pets).

Do you see a theme here?

And you know what? We four all agreed: after reboot after reboot after reboot of superhero films, it’s about time they do a decent superhero film with a woman in lead (Wonder Woman, we’re looking at you). It’s about time geek women get a chance prove that we are the people Hollywood want to impress, that women don’t have to be scantily clad or permanently needing to be rescued. Because there are plenty of girls out there waiting for a SuperWoman they can aspire to be.

But that’s not all – we really are searching for SuperWomen. Got something to offer? Feeling arty, inspired by Buffy, know your gaming? We want to hear from you as well.

Drop by the website, get in touch, and join in our adventure.


It’s better than Christmas.

*I’m a musketeer, just in case you didn’t get it, as are the eminent Kristy and Meg.



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