It’s Z-Day

Zombies RunThe apocalypse has arrived.

That’s right folks – I’ve just put my world to the sword, and infested it with some rather wonderful zombies. My characters are surrounded and outnumbered, and the zombies are those annoyingly persistent (and intelligent) kind.

I decided to avoid the original zombies – the shuffling, groany type. They’re quite limiting in the grand scheme of things, though I am a bit of a traditionalist and do prefer them on the whole… And although the 28 Days Later rage-zombies are super-terrifying, they don’t quite fit my needs. So I’ve gone for the nice in-betweeny kind – which might be a bit of a cop out but I don’t care. I’d rather have zombies that do what I want them to, seeing as my Strong Female Character is going to be quite a handful.

My next step is to decide how my zombies came to be. There’s a lot of mythology around zombies, their cause and the spread. And, are they after brains, or are they after something else? Ultimately it comes down to how they are made… is it a disease (The Walking Dead) or a virus created in a lab (28 Days Later) or something completely unexplained? I like the idea of having a cause that the survivors can battle against. I like the idea of them knowing what happened and still being helpless to stop it.

But I don’t want to have the outbreak as recent as all that. I want the survivors to be hardened to it, to have adapted to their life post Z-Day. That’s where SFC comes in. She’s a Reaper – basically, an expert zombie killer. But Reapers aren’t really that heroic. In fact, they’re generally not very nice people and the other survivors aren’t great fans of them.

I don’t like my heroes to be heroic after all.

So how do they all fit together – the survivors, the zombies, the Reapers? Well, that’s yet to be decided.

But I am having SO MUCH FUN writing about zombies.

What are your favourite kinds of zombies?

Which zombie stories/films should I read/watch to get inspiration for my zombies?


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