In Case You Missed It

Searching for SuperwomenGood grief, what are you still doing here!?

You’ve had two days to check out the new blog – right here. Now, go away and read it!

First up is Emmie – our fearless leader – and she’s there to tell you all about why Searching for SuperWomen came to be and what it means to her (think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Buffy).

Here’s the rules – you sign up to the blog (there’s a handy little sign-up bit at the bottom of the page to get it straight in your inbox), you follow us on Twitter, and you GET INVOLVED. For starters, you get a post a week from we four lovely editors, and then – with your help – it grows and grows and grows. Now how simple and exciting is that!?

Next week (8th May – put it in the diary) is my turn! Ready to find out why I’m searching for SuperWomen?

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