The Books that Made Me

The Books That Made MeIf you’re a Twitter-er like me, and if you have any connection to anything writing/books related like me, you’ll have spotted the new Waterstones project “The Book That Made Me” (I did tweet an article about it if you’re curious, and there are links further down this post). The idea is that you share your story about what book has most affected you (in 100 words or less, so keep it short and sweet). High-profile authors, politicians and variant celebrities have already donated their opinions – from Madame Bovary to Little Women to Emil and the Detectives.

You can read all those tales and more over on (the dedicated site for the project) and add your own to the mix.

I loved this idea. So many books have shaped me – my values and ideas, my writing and my reading and even my career choices. So when I heard about it, I tried to decide what book is The Book That Made Me…

And there are simply too many!

I can’t decide which was the most influential – there are the ones you know about through the blog, like The Book Thief and The Shadow of the Wind.

But what about those books I read as a teenager? The Hobbit, The Handmaid’s TaleThe Silver SwordI, Houdini or even The Mermaid and the Drunks or The Diary of Anne Frank (that picture above is just a bare selection of the Books That Made Me). They opened my eyes to adventure, humour, humanity and fear. I remember where I was, what I was doing, my age and my dreams, when I first read each and every one of those books.

I think it’s true of anyone that there is a book (or many books) that leave a deep impression on you. You can’t stop thinking about them and they make you look at things differently. There are loads of books I’ve read that have done this, and no doubt hundreds more to come that will do the same. What I love the best about this whole project is that you can share your stories of these books, and even get ideas for what books might change you again.

Though I think I have a bit of whittling down to do before I can donate my story…

What is the Book That Made You?

Join in the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #tbtmm


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  1. Aaaaahhhh! The Book Thief! We have fangirled over this before, I think. Love that book.

    For me…let’s see. The Giver, Dealing With Dragons, LJ Smith’s Nightworld series, A Wrinkle in Time….there are so many.

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