The Fashionable Thing

BootsWhat does one wear to the apocalypse?

It’s not like there’s a strict dress code. And the zombies are hardly going to worry what you look like.

The trickiest part of my story – apart from the character-wrangling and the dialogue and the scene-setting – is dressing my poor besieged and unlucky people. They need to be practically dressed (so deep V-neck catsuits and sky-high heels are a no-no – take note comic books/films) but not in a way that makes them generic. They need to stand out – tell their story through their clothes.

My favourite thing of all is researching dress codes. How warriors of different cultures dressed and what it said of them. How I can adapt it – how can I take what I’ve learnt and mould it in to a modern setting; how can I keep it feeling realistic without stepping too far away from the purpose?

And, more importantly, what would they have to hand? The clothes you’re standing up in when the zombies come knocking are hardly the most practical (let’s face it, you’re not dressed for fighting the undead 24/7, although what you do on the weekends are up to you). So you’re going to have to make a stop for supplies, and what are you going to pick up? Because that’s what you’re going to end up with a few months in when you’re one of the few living left.

So suit up – because the apocalypse is nigh and you’ve got to be dressed for occasion.

What would you wear for the apocalypse?

What are the best and worst examples of apocalypse garb you’ve seen?

Photo Credit: liftarn on Flickr

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