Waterstones Opening More Stores

James Daunt, CEO OF WaterstonesFor the first time since Waterstones was bought from the HMV Group in 2011, Managing Director James Daunt has announced the company will be opening 6 new stores.

The first to open will be a replacement of the Waterstones that closed in Dorking two years ago. The new Dorking branch will be in a better location, and promises a children’s section as a main “feature”. Mid-revamp of its stores country-wide (50 stores were made over last year and 60 more are due to get a lick of paint this year), this new store will be in line with the shiny, modernised Waterstones.

The new Dorking branch will bring the tally of the highstreet bookshop to 287 stores nationwide – a resurgence since the closure of campus Waterstones and the Market Street branch in Leicester. There may even be expansion abroad, although Daunt has said an international opening this year is highly unlikely.

Photo Credit: thisismoney.co.uk


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4 responses to “Waterstones Opening More Stores

  1. This is great! I love hearing of more bookstores!

  2. William Mills

    Brilliant news for Dorking! Looking forward to the opening of the new branch in Dorking. The temporary shop was far too small and was stuck down the end of St. Martin’s Walk. Cannot wait for a much larger shop with more in the way of stock.

  3. Hannah

    So pleased to hear that Waterstones have decided to open a new Dorking branch “in a better location”. The staff in their Dorking branches have always been hardworking, knowledgeable and top-notch.

  4. Martin Dell

    Waterstones is opening at its new location – 3-5 South Street, DORKING on Tuesday 30 July. Cannot wait!

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