Iain Banks – the Final Interview

Iain Banks, Final InterviewRather than write a post here today (which I know I’ve been remiss at lately anyway), I’m simply posting a link…

Author Iain Banks passed away earlier this month, after an announcement that he was “officially very poorly” just two months previously. Diagnosed with cancer, words of support and love poured in for the Scottish author, whose prolific works across genres touched many lives.

His last interview – with Stuart Kelly – was posted on The Guardian online on Saturday. Rather than say another word on the matter, I urge you to go and read it here. It says things better than I ever could.

Iain Banks: the final interview

Photo credit: Murdo MacLeod for the Guardian

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One response to “Iain Banks – the Final Interview

  1. Buh. I’ve had enough tears today, but I just can’t stop them. This man stood for so much, and didn’t get to live to see so much of what he dreamed of come to pass. Or maybe he just beat all of us there. The mysteries of the universe remain thus.

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