On the Importance of Tea

Tea, Cup of tea, Scrabble mug, Book, The President's Hat, Atnoine Laurain, Laptop, WritingI love tea. I’m a big tea fan. If I saw tea in the street, I’d ask for tea’s autograph. In fact, I have waxed lyrical about tea on this blog more than once.

But the simple fact of the matter is, I can’t get through the day without tea. And I especially can’t write without it.

It calms me, focuses me, and keeps me going through those particularly hard-sloggy bits. Tea is never far away when I’m writing.

I’ve expanded my tea repertoire of late (after realising my usual PG Tips with milk and sugar is 40 calories and an Assam with a bit of milk is just 15). I now know I have a choice of Assam, Darjeeling, Lady Grey, Earl Grey or PG to keep me company – and sometimes I could have a cup of each!

Tea somehow makes its way into my writing as well – my characters often turn to tea, much like I do, when they need to pause and gather themselves, when they need calming, or when they need the company. There is always a social feel to tea in my writing – my characters unite over tea, cluster around it like the neanderthals over fire. They need tea in much the same way I do – to keep going.

When I’ve just written a particularly satisfying bit, I brew myself a tea, clasp my hands around it, tuck my feet under me, and just stare out of the window. Watching the world go by, I can reflect on my writing, and come back to it with tea-freshened eyes. I can prune it and shape it and make sure it says what I need it to.

All editorial acts are committed post-tea.

Tea is very much a part of the act of writing for me – almost as much as the act itself. With my laptop and a good brew, I can conquer the world! (Or whichever world I’ve chosen to write about)

Do you have a ritual to help you write?

What tea is best for your writing?

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