Horrible Histories for Adults? Yes Please!

Terry Deary, Horrible Histories, The Sunday Times, Dangerous DaysI’m not even remotely ashamed to admit that I love Horrible Histories – and I love the Horrible Histories TV series even more (just look up the songs on YouTube and you’ll get it). Now Terry Deary, the creator of the Horrible Histories books, has announced he is releasing a new history series for adults – Dangerous Days.

Dangerous Days, from Weidenfeld & Nicolson, will kick off in November with Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire. Other titles – yet to be confirmed in which order and what dates they will come – will cover the Victorian Railways, Elizabethan England, Ancient Egypt and the Vikings.

W&N publisher Alan Samson told The Bookseller that “Deary’s new series would hopefully appeal to fans of Blackadder as well as the now grown-up fans of Horrible Histories, which began in 1992.”

He went on to explain: “This is going to appeal to not only people who grew up with Horrible Histories, but also people who have never read one, who just want an entertaining, informative book about Ancient Rome or the Victorian railways.”

These won’t be your normal history books – and if you’ve come across HH, you’ll know that already – but they will definitely be for adults, being pitched as “more terrible” than Horrible Histories and “more entertaining” than an average history book. The first title is going to show Ancient Rome in all its gritty, gross and terrifying reality, with a great dose of humour.

With that kind of set-up (and the promise of a HH-style layout with Did You Know boxes and timelines), what’s not to love!?

Will you read Terry Deary’s new history series for adults?

Photo Credit: The Sunday Times

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