Stepping in to the Writing Waters

Listening, Earphone, Running, Self, Picture, Instagram, Podcast, MusicI recently read a blog post that recommended some writer’s podcasts to listen to. Which I dutifully did – although I have never listened a podcast before. And it enraptured me.

I haven’t immersed myself in the writing universe for many years – not since university really. I haven’t discussed the ins-and-outs of dialogue or the merits of adverbs in any great depth (no more so than on the blog and even then with great haste). Lying there listening to these people talk writing – talk about it with huge seriousness and passion – made me realise I had stepped away from the writing universe to some extent since graduating.

There are no writing groups, book groups or writing networks near me that I’m involved in, and writing in all its guises has become a relatively solitary affair. Of course, much of writing is a solitary activity anyway, and this blog has alleviated some of that isolation, but in total, I rarely speak aloud about writing, or discuss my writing in any critical form.

When I talk to people about writing, I say that I’m a writer, and tell people what kind of thing I write, but I don’t discuss it critically – this is too passive, that bit of dialogue needs deconstructing, what’s the point of this adjective? – and hadn’t noticed until now how much I’ve missed it. These podcasts drew me back in – reminded me of the community and driving me to editing (my editing has become lackadaisical lately).

And if it’s to continue, if I’m to step back in to the writing waters, I need to create a real writers network around me, have the podcast step out and become solid. I need to be able to argue over this adverb or that exclamation mark, to have people look at my characters and ask me why.

My next mission is to put together a writers group in my area and get me some writing chat.

Where do you talk about your writing?

Do you have a group of people you talk writing with?

What writing podcasts do you listen to?

*By the by, this isn’t a picture of me mid-podcast, but actually a picture of me post-run, hence the blotchy face, but it had an earphone in it so it counts

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