How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Don't Feed the Zombies, Deviantart, BeeniAktorYou get to learn a lot about surviving the zombie hordes when you’re writing a zombie novel. Aside from the obvious barricade-the-door, stock-up-on-tinned-food rules, there are some key things to keep in mind. Here are my top five tips to surviving the zombie apocalypse:

Watch out for reports of fast-spreading diseases
That vague, at-the-end-of-the-programme news report about an outbreak of “rabies”? If it’s been going on for a little while, and more outbreaks are being reported, that’s when you grab those tins of beans.

Have a handy piece of wood close by
You’re unlikely to have a gun or samurai sword just hanging around, but a baseball bat or two-by-four (that you were going to use to make a garden table a while ago but never got around to it)? Now those are easy to get hold of. Just remember when you do come across a zombie – aim for the head.

Don’t rely on the armed forces or emergency services
Sorry folks, but they’re going to be the first to go. Ever heard of an army surviving past the first bout of zombie hordes? Nope, me either*. Also – just a tip – avoid hospitals…

Learn Morse code or get some carrier pigeons
For some reason, the mobile networks go down pretty quickly when the apocalypse hits. But if you know how to use torches to communicate in Morse code or have a flock of carrier pigeons to hand, you’ll never lose touch.

Wear boots
I don’t care how hot it gets – flip flops are not conducive to running away from the undead. Grab yourself a pair of sturdy steel-toed boots instead. Also handy extra weapons when you learn how to flying-kick your enemy in the face.

*Barring World War Z though! In that, the army fights back.

Photo Credit: “Zombie Warning“, BeeniAktor, Deviantart

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