Is September the New New Year?

AutumnNormally I’m writing about the news in the publishing world right now. Normally, this post will have gone out on a Monday morning after being written (because I’m very organised) on a Sunday. Well, this weekend involved a wedding in the West Country and a cabaret show in London and a last-train-home situation on a Sunday night. So nothing got written. Well done me.

Instead, I am now going to write about something I’ve observed over the last few days – during those halcyon latter days of Summer and now the first few days of September, and what is officially known as Autumn (though at 23°C it feels positively balmy).

It’s this sudden surge of resolutions that seems to be happening. September seems to have emerged as a Month To Do Meaningful Stuff In – everyone is convinced of a new start, a positive change, and something better. It’s like 1st January all over again, with resolutions and promises of monetary gain, weight loss or getting a promotion.

I’m enjoying it. I like this “new start” attitude, because, well, why not!

Perhaps it’s a hangover from our school days. We’ve spent the summer being lazy, and now we’re restless and ready for Autumn. The fashion and beauty world is cooing over the new trends, the literature world is squeaking in joy over the Autumn book lists, and it seems that all my friends are filling their diaries with wine-and-film evenings, nights out with cocktails, or simply just putting in plans To Do Things By Christmas.

September feels fresh and exciting. It’s the new New Year, minus the hangover and the Christmas paunch and the rediscovered disgust for turkey and sprouts and the empty bank account (although that can be all year round as I’ve discovered, and I actually rather like sprouts). We don’t have the pressure that 1st January brings – that implies you have to do something important and life-changing to make the year worthwhile otherwise the year is a failure and you’ll be judged. Instead it has the excitement the first day of term has – of buying new stationery and a new school bag and seeing your friends again after 6 weeks (and comparing tans and holiday stories). It’s a fresh start without being a fresh year.

You’ve had 8 months to get used to this year, to forget what you promised yourself at New Year’s, and to decide on some more realistic goals to reach by Christmas.

It’s time to be bold and confident. As for me, September is starting to be the busiest month of the year (for the first time ever, I’m heading to London Fashion Week with The Fashion Lover!). It feels exciting in that I-feel-sick kind of way. Which is why I am about to take the leap, and start a BIG PROJECT on top of all this busyness. You will very quickly learn more because it will affect this blog, but I hope that you will like the changes! It may mean the blogging becomes a bit more random again for a while – and posts will vary from the Monday/Wednesday/Friday format to something a bit more flexible.

Other than that, I’m keeping schtum, because the BIG PROJECT is still a little project in terms of creation and I don’t want to get too cocky and make a New New Year Resolution I can’t keep along with all the New Year Resolutions I’ve ignored.

What New New Year’s resolutions are you making this September?

Photo Credit: “Autumn is back” by Geekr, Flickr

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