To Put the Book Down or Not to Put the Book Down

Something Happened, Waterstones, Book, Joseph HellerSorry, I couldn’t resist…

So I’m ploughing my way through Something Happened by Joseph Heller. And to be truthful, this is 500-odd pages of hard freaking work.

I love Catch-22. I mean, really love. I practically insist people read it. But this? This is a few hundred pages of a rather unpleasant man whining and ranting about rather unpleasant people.

Perhaps it’s a polemic about American culture and so on, but frankly I’m finding it boring as hell.

So I’m finding myself in a bit of a dilemma. Do I give up? My to-read pile is stacked high and do I really waste my time on this book or just get on with stuff I might enjoy more?

I don’t give up on books (apart from War and Peace) – but this one is testing my patience.

What do you do? Do you power through or drop a bad book like a hot potato?

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