An Important Announcement on Inkings and Inklings

meSo you might have wondered why I’ve gone silent over the past few weeks. There were meant to be book reviews and everything!

That’s because there are big things going on in the world of Inkings and Inklings…

And because Inkings and Inklings is soon to be no more.

Or, at least, not as it is known now.

If you’ve seen some of the tweets going out lately, you’ll notice that there have been some mentions of my new #bigproject – House of Blog.

And that means that as of today, Inkings and Inklings has a new home!

The House of Blog is a place for all blogs to meet, and so this one and my other blog – The Fashion Lover – are being absorbed. House of Blog is a lot of work with big plans in place, and I couldn’t dedicate the time I would need to providing quality content for 3 separate blogs.

It is with sadness that I say farewell to Inkings and Inklings…

But with excitement that I welcome my new project!

Head over to the House of Blog now and join the House.

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