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Story Cubes Take Two

If you’re new to this, the rules are simple. You take the nine images and create a story about them, starting with the words “Once upon a time”. You can see my first attempt here.

These short stories are currently the only fictional writing I’m managing at the moment – so I am subjecting you lot to it too. Did any of you have a go at the other one!? If so, if you fancy it on the blog, let me know and we can have some guest posting going on.

Anyway, I have some bad news for you wonderful people – I will be quiet for the next few days. I am visiting a friend in Newmarket (snow permitting) and so the blogs will go silent. Sad times!

In which case, I thought I’d give you the next few days to ponder on this selection of story cubes, and when I return I will have lots of shiny new posts to entertain you with (namely a review of The Hunger Games, and a short story followed by more ramblings and maybe some interesting stuff).

Have a beautiful weekend my lovely ones, and have fun writing!

Sad face
Mobile phone (cellphone for you Americans!)

P.S. A plea for followers on Twitter – I’m on 93 and will do the happy dance if I’m at 100 by Monday (also I will be tweeting over the weekend, just so you won’t get withdrawal symptoms).

Oh, and I will FILM the happy dance and post it for you if I can reach over 100 followers on my fashion Twitter!!!

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